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Dear Girl.

Updated: May 12, 2020

Dear GIRL,

You can be all that God has created you to be in this world. You don’t have to demand that boys make room for you in their clubs. Make your own club. Dream your own dreams. Blaze your own trail.

This world has bought into the idea that inclusivity creates equality and that’s just not true. Don’t chase the winds of fairness. Nothing is equal. It’s a lie. Do not allow yourself to be preoccupied with these things. These are distractions. Keep your eye on the goal.

Learn to value the differences between boys and girls. One day you will grow up and you’ll like boys (They smell better when they’re older.) and that boy will need you to be a girl. He’ll be different from you. He will probably like guns and fast cars and talk about tires a lot. These things won’t make sense to you so just smile and listen. There is a good chance he also won’t know how to work a laundry basket. This makes life exciting. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all thought the same thoughts and felt the same feelings about everything?

If there is a true injustice, fight for that cause. But don’t make one up. You’ll know the difference.

Be different. Be weird. Please, for the love of Pete, never set a goal to be “normal”. Never desire to “blend in”. Wear red rain boots when the whole world is wearing black ones.

Be strong. Be fearless. Learn to work a drill. But also lean on your man when the day comes. Let him open doors and carry heavy things. Not because you can’t but because he can.

Celebrate life. Embrace womanhood as a gift and never a burden. Study all of the Bible stories where God used a woman to accomplish great things but also study the ones where a great woman stood beside her man while God used him to do great things.

Do hard things. Every day strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Make your own clubs. Dream your own dreams. Blaze your own trail.

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