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Dear GQ,

Updated: May 12, 2020


Dear GQ,

I’m sending you this letter with hope that you will consider something that perhaps you have not considered before.

This book in the picture below is the most valuable thing I own.

I know it doesn’t look like much. But this book and I have journeyed through joy, pain, celebrations, burials, dark nights and bright days.

Its words have pierced my heart, made me angry, stepped on my toes, brought me to tears, overwhelmed me with love, and challenged every thought I’ve ever had.

It’s healed my brokenness, softened my tongue, alerted my ears, eased my temper, soothed my soul and anchored my hope.

Its words flow through my veins, its wisdom is like breath in my lungs and its teachings give life to my bones.

It fills a longing in my soul, puts a fire of desire in my heart and gives purpose to my life.

Its words read fresh and new, no matter how many times I’ve read them each time chipping away at who I was and molding me into something beautiful.

This book that you say is “overrated” has the power to restore, overwhelm, transform, renew, resurrect and redeem.

Its message is truth for all that read it.

From the youngest to the oldest.

From the richest to the poorest.

From the mourning to the joyful.

To people of all colors, nations and races.

This is not just any book. It is the living Word of God. Its verses are stored in the hearts of millions across the planet. Its chapters have reached the depths of souls in a way that no other published material ever could.

You don’t have to take just my word for it. There are books like this one, torn, tattered, highlighted, underlined and dirty in the hands of warriors who carry this book into daily battle. Just ask them, they’ll show you.

We are followers of Jesus. Lovers of His word. Dedicated to His Calling. Obedient to His will.

And we cling for dear life to THIS book, THE Book, The Holy Bible that tells the story of His redeeming love.

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