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Does God care?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Do you ever wonder if God truly cares about you? Of course we know John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…” but does he have time to care about me?

Psalm 139 says he “searches me”, he knows when I sit down and when I rise. He perceives my thoughts and is familiar with my ways. He knows what I am going to say before I say it. He hems me in, which means he goes before me and follows after me. He has laid His hand upon me and I can not flee from his presence. No matter where I go his hand will guide me and his right hand will hold me.

I love this passage. This describes an intimate relationship with a God who knows what time I brush my teeth in the morning.

Tonight I walked through my house and visited the bedrooms of four of my sleeping children. I thought back over our day and tried to remember a moment with each of them. I was overcome with love for my children.

I imagine that God does the same with us. As you head off to bed tonight think of God watching over you and reflecting on the time you spent with him today. Rest in the hands of the almighty God.

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