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Girl, pray about your husband.

Updated: May 14, 2020

Mama, do you think there will be any men like Daddy when it’s time for me to get married?

Girl, I hope so. I want you to start praying about that right away. I’ve been praying for your husband for many years now.

Mama, that’s weird.


Girl, I know it seems odd. But I believe that God will answer the persistent prayers of his children. And there are few decisions as important as choosing a spouse.

Mama, I know. I’m going to pray, too. I sure hope he can cook.

Girl, me too. Me too.

It’s never too soon to begin praying for the person your child will share their life with.

I pray, girl, that you find a man who puts you second. Never first.

God first, then you.

I pray, girl that you’ll always put him second, too.

Even when you become a mama, keep him second.

I pray, girl, that you find a man who takes great joy in making you laugh. Even the darkest night can be overcome with a little bit of laughter.

I pray, girl, that he is kind and gentle in the way he cares for you, yet steadfast and firm in the way he leads you.

I pray, girl, that he is worthy of sharing life with you.

I pray that his calling compliments yours.

I pray, girl. I pray.

And tonight, I’m praying that he’s out there praying for you, too.

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