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If the government should crumble…

Updated: May 13, 2020

When I was in elementary school I remember reading historical stories of wars, national disasters and tragedies. Every story had one common theme- ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the darkest of times. We are living in historical days, days that will be recorded history books for children to read for years to come. What will the book say about you and me? Will it discuss our hoarding? Will it discuss the political disagreements? Will the words paint a picture of Republicans versus Democrats or the world versus disease? Maybe it will mention those college kids partying on the beaches during quarantine? Will the words be written by children who are living in your home? What will the story say? How will this end?

Those are questions I have been asking myself over in over for the last 13 days.

Here’s what I know.

We, many of us, are putting our hope in the wrong place.

Do you know who can wipe this disease off of our planet?

Do you know who can heal the sick?

Do you know who knew the first day it would strike and the day that it will end?

Do you know who can rescue us from this economy crash?

Do you know who can provide food for millions of people?

It’s not the government.

If you’re waiting for the government to rescue you-national pandemic or not- you’ve put your hope in the wrong place.

In the early books of the bible, the Israelites begged God to give them a King. Rather than looking to God to lead them they wanted a physical, human king like the Nations around them. God, being a gracious and merciful God, gave them the desires of their hearts. And Israel became a nation with a King.  God says in 1 Samuel 8:7 “they have rejected me from being king over them.” Rejected by his own people. It is common for people to search for a solution to come from a person among us, but let us not forget the God before us!

Perhaps God would call on us to put our hope in him during these trying times. After all, who better to lead us than the Creator of all things?

Perhaps God will call his people to be the heroes of this day. What would happen if  we would take to our prayer closets and beg God to heal this land?  What if we used our social media platforms to share truth in place of political spin. What if we stopped pointing out the flaws in others and simply asked “how can we help?”

Whatever story is recorded in these days, I pray that God and his people are at the center of it.

I could already write chapters of how churches are finding unique ways to minister to their people. I’ve seen live streaming church, drive in worship, churches feeding displaced school children and -my personal favorite from my home church in SC- delivering meals to their members on a Wednesday night. I have seen friends take to their sewing machines to make masks for healthcare workers. I have watched as leaders create online scavenger hunts, bingo games, and virtual devotionals to keep social interaction alive in a time of social distancing. I’ve seen virtual prayer meetings led by teenagers. I have been inspired by the sacrificial love of our brothers and sisters working on the front lines of this pandemic.

I have seen the best of people.

I have seen Jesus in people.

I pray that you have seen it, too.

     So, years from now when the story is written, let it be said of the church, that God was our Help. Our Rescuer. Our Hope.

If the government should crumble, God’s people will still stand.

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