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Live in the middle

Do you ever wonder why we ask God for our daily bread? Not a week’s worth, not a month's worth, just one day. I imagine most of you are reading this with a pantry full of food. You’ll probably run to the grocery store this week to have your cabinets refilled.

We often skip over the biblical concept of “daily bread.” While you may or may not be calling on God to provide your breakfast tomorrow you will probably need him to provide something else. Strength, mercy, grace, or courage. That’s your daily bread, whatever God graciously gives to sustain you for another day.

Because, Mama, that is all we can handle.

I know how overwhelming life can be. I know it is tempting to want to skip to the last page and know how everything will turn out. We have so many questions, concerns, and worries. Will everything turn out okay? Wouldn’t everything be easier if there was some kind of guarantee? Can you imagine what would happen if we were capable of seeing the end? I don't think we would be happy with missing out on the middle and we would miss God’s provision along the way. We would miss the ordinary blessings of every day.

No story is complete if we read only the beginning and the end. The middle is often where the mess is; it’s also where life is and most importantly, it’s where the miracles of daily bread occur. Whether it’s scary or happy or perfect or completely undone- the middle matters. It all matters.

So live in the middle, friend. Take the provision God has given for this day and nothing more. You can't receive grace for trouble that hasn't happened yet. But if there is trouble ahead, I promise you, He will meet you there.

That's the beautiful thing about our Savior. If we find ourselves in need he will provide. In the midst of a storm? He will walk on the water to get to you. To rescue you. To hold you. To comfort you. To care for his child.

So, rest in that truth tonight. And let's just take it one day at a time. Because, Mama, that is all we can handle.

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