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So, tonight, push the couches together.

Updated: May 11, 2020

If you stop by my house today this is what you will see.

No, there wasn’t a fight, no one is sick and no one was banished for snoring.

See the days are busy. I know yours are too. I know by the time you get all the work of the day behind you and manage to wrangle toddlers and babies through baths and off to bed there is little energy left.

And then a man walks in.

Your man. A man who has not taken toddlers to the potty 25 times today, rocked babies or changed 134 diapers. He’s not been hugged, kissed and cried on. The tiny people living here say my name one thousand times per minute, they are constantly touching and needing something from me.

And then a man walks in.

You have worked all day, run errands, made meals, cleaned the house, done a load of laundry and you know there’s a sink full of dishes waiting on you.

And then a man walks in.

You’ve got spit up on your shirt, some unidentifiable sticky stuff in your hair and despite your best efforts you haven’t showered today.

And then a man walks in.

It’s easy to let him slip to the back burner while you give every bit of energy away to those little ones who rely on you to meet their every need.

So, we push the couches together. If we are going to collapse from exhaustion at least we can do that together. Whether we are watching a movie, staring at our phones or having a conversation, we do it like this. And I love it.

You were his first. So tonight, push the couches together.

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