New to homeschooling? You are not alone! Parents across the country were forced into homeschooling due to Covid-19. Many have chosen to continue educating their own children at home. If you have made this decision you may find yourself excited, nervous and maybe even a little scared.


You may have questions like:


Where do I start?

How do I  schedule my day?

How do I choose curriculum when there are so many choices?

How can I be sure my child is getting what they need?

What if my family does not support homeschooling?

What about socialization?

Is homeschooling affordable?


I have created this booklet "Homeschooling 101" to help! This course was created for the new homeschooling families around our country. Statistics show that about 3% of families have chosen to continue homeschooling; this represents about 1 million students! The number of families needing help to get started is huge and I want to help! I will answer all of the questions above and more. When you purchase the course you will receive a PDF document that will help you create your own home-school. I will share tips and resources that help keep schooling at home affordable. I will show you how to find the legal protection you need, give you info on the best homeschooling conferences and how to find enrichment opportunities. Finally, you will be added to a private group where I will do live videos, show you curriculum options, and give you a sneak peek at what happens in our very own home-school room.


Purchase today at the reduced price of $9.99. Follow the link for more information and message me any questions you may have. 

Homeschooling 101

  • July 20

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