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Do you see me?

Updated: May 14, 2020


After the house is dark and all the little voices have silenced for the night, you’ll find me walking through the house. I’ll pick up a toy here and a sock there. Maybe I’ll remember to turn the dryer on. Again. I’ll scrub a dish or two and drop some silverware into the dishwasher.

These are things that nobody sees.

I’ll walk from door to door to listen for sounds of toddlers quietly breathing or little girls rustling in their beds. I’ll sneak into the baby’s room just to peak at him one more time. I’ll wish I’d rocked him a few minutes longer or maybe just read him one more story. I’ll stand outside of the teenager’s door, her light is still on so I know she’s awake. I’ll knock on the door and tell her it’s late.

These are the things that nobody sees.

I’ll check all of the doors and then turn out the lights. I’ll wonder who forgot to take out the trash and why there are always shoes on the floor. I’ll turn down the air or turn up the heat. I make the house safe and comfortable for the sleeping family I love.

These are the things that nobody sees.

I’ll climb into bed and turn out my light. I’ll pray for the broken, the weary and sick. I’ll pray for my children and their sweet little hearts. I’ll pray for my husband, the gift that God gave. I’ll pray and I’ll pray until I drift off to sleep.

These are the things that nobody sees.

Except there is someOne who sees. He’s the one who made you and gave you these gifts. A family to care for and a house to clean. He’s the Alpha Omega, he sees everything. Your work’s not in vain, it’s bringing him glory. Did you know, sweet Mama, that laundry’s part of your story? The faithful work we do everyday, it’s building a life; it’s making a way. It’s creating a path our children will walk along someday. It’s showing our family the work that’s important is done when the lights are off—not when we’re standing in the spotlight. The faithful work of a mother may feel mundane, but my friend that’s where Jesus is making you holy. He’s entrusted you with people, souls to raise for his glory.

So tonight, if you feel as though no one can see you, remember that you could not be more wrong. He sees you. He knows you. He loves you. Amen.

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