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From Drab to Fab: Painting Furniture

Updated: May 14, 2020

Occasionally I’ll ask Mr. Kish about something and he says “no.” I can’t think of many examples of that but this was certainly one.

Me: hey babe, I’m really tired of the brown furniture. Do you think we could paint it white?

Jared: No. Just buy new furniture.

Me: but, it’s the only furniture we’ve had the entire time we’ve been married. It’s lived in five houses with us. Can we paint it?

Jared: no.

Jared’s a list maker and on his four day weekend I listened as he read his “to do” list. Item #5: paint the bedroom furniture.

jareds list

The “to do” list

On the rare occasion that he tells me “no” it often ends up being a yes.

And I’m in love with how much brighter the room is. We’ve got two pieces left to paint but this is how it’s looking so far. 💗

Thanks babe, you’re my favorite.

Also- I’m certain that one day this will be the same as the horror we have shared about people putting carpet on top of hardwood. So, here’s to annoying future generations. 😂

This project was fairly simple. I will admit that even I was a bit overwhelmed when we started sanding the perfect stained finish. Once the sanding starts there is no turning back.

bed before


The process started very quickly. Using my favorite square sander, I was able to quickly rough up the finish just enough to help the new paint stick. After the sanding was finished we started working on the details on the bed. Unfortunately I snapped these photos on my iPhone so its difficult to see the details. I know-blog fail- but honestly I had no intentions of writing about this. I was surprised by the amount of interest in this project so I decided to add the details here.

I spent less than $50 and changed the whole look of my room. I am absolutely thrilled with the result. We have a full dresser/mirror combo and a six drawer tall boy dresser left to paint. I will update with photos when the whole project is complete.

I have read a great deal about the chalk paint craze and read a lot before deciding NOT to go that route. I am a little effort and quick process kind of girl so I went for the same paint I used on the piano last fall.  You can see it here and here.

The paint is from Wal-Mart and its a premixed gallon that sits ready to go on the shelf.  It is Gildan Grab-N-Go High Endurance paint. I bought an eggshell finish in the color Country White.

paint can (2)

Overall, I would say this is one of my favorite projects ever. I can’t really speak to durability yet but I am confident this will hold up well. I’ll update if I feel differently in a few months. Ready to see the pics? Let me know if you give it a try! And feel free to ask any questions.



What do you think? Love it?

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